GoLd Shocky CumBs

Wuz so called as Gold Shocky Crumbs because of the pearls and beads been sewed anywhere else on the lace.anyway..baju nikah nih belong to one of my friend juge from UIA n im still working on it...:)

ToPSy TurVy CruMble

TOpSy turvY CrumbLe nih Wuz Sewed utk One of My customer, Ms Fiza for her engagement..Diz Crumble was made as simple as I could since Ms Fiza wants it to be simple but shining anyway..So variety colours of pearls were sewed on to glitz it..ThanX to Ms Fiza of giving me the trust to beaT the BeadZ on ur dress...:D

DiZzy KrayZie CrumbS

DizzY KraYzie Crumble nih wuz sewed to one of ma fren kurung..PuaN Nor HafidZah Maulud..Nama Crumble tu Was so given coz mase sewing tu Im very sick.huhu..demam n She wants it urgently...jawapannye itula jadiknye...but still the crumble made in a very creative has been twisted wisely with silver glass beads among the pearls...Well FieZa..Thanx Coz bg kepercayaan pade ku utk menjait manik on ur 2nd kurung...TQ Lol!!

LuXurinO Twisted CrumbS

Luxurino Twisted Crumbs nih wuz sewed on my beloved auntie nye baju kurung biase n yg sgtla dull...i decided to make variety of the colour and to twist silver beads on it. i think this is one of my best beading work (alamak perasan betul!:p)..huhu....feel free to comment kt bawah..komenlaa...itz good for me to improve ma self in da future...thanx everybody!! ;)

HankY PanKy Prelime Crumble

Yg nih npk cool but sometime looked terrible if u stare it closely coz diz is ma first crumble made rite after came back from Ckgu Aziz class.Baju nih was given by my auntie as a present on my first engagement lol..n without further delay, ku kerja kan baju nih dgn manik2 n pearls yg ade n inila hasilnye...siap ade cangkerang2 purple bergntungan kt bwh2 tu..huk3...

Cranky WHitE PearLy CrumB foR izyan'z ZaiM WeddinG..

Diz Cranky White Pearly Crumb wuz sewed on a frienDs Busana too.Dear Pinky Izyan Zaim has putting me trust to beAt d Beadz On her wedding Busana.But Diz is only on half Body Of the Busana as She wanted me to sew so..i hit the Crystale, Pearls and lotz of shocking pink beads to glitz n glamz the Wedding Busana.However if u want to shine it up, u should choose swarovski stones and crystale...konfem 50 batu dari dewan kawen tu org sume dah nampak hang dah...huhu..anyway yan...ko npk ensem n gorgeous dgn baju nih...:)

KebAya with Electra FuzzY CrumBle

Diz Electra FuZZy Crumble are made by me on one of ma fren Kebaya for her engagement.. I decided to put more pearls rather than beads to emphasize on the shocking colour so as to enhance this light green kebaya during her engagement day.But unfortunately me...she didnt showed up till today to collect her kebaya..:'(..and Unfortunately so many fan on her kebaya after i sewed on pearls and beads..TQ dearL!!u chill my day...;p


Intro Electro to Beat D Beadz Ouze....

WeLCome to the BEAT d BEADZ OUZE blog..herewith i enclosed evribadeh with ma beading work wic is rarely can be seen throughout the world..Selamat Datang Ke BEAD D BEADZ OUZE blog...Beat d Beadz from Alynn menawarkan jahitan manik yg jarang dilihat di mana2 butik hasil kerja tangan Alynn seniri..

First and Foremost I would like to introduce everybody with myself..Ma Name iz Nur Izzul Azlynne.Im Originally from Malaysia n wuz born in Farmer Riverside, Kedah Darul Peace yaww...Im currently working as a Malaysia govt servant and i really into beads since last 4 years.

Diz iz how i convince everybody once they handover their kurung to me to sew on beads..

I would have been in had doing this interesting partime job to pleasure my free toime as beading makes my day coloured.

I got my beading certificate from Cikgu Aziz Ariff, attended his class n he is well-known with his lace crumble work sewed on kurung and kaftan.So now..lets get jiggin with BeaDz..