Intro Electro to Beat D Beadz Ouze....

WeLCome to the BEAT d BEADZ OUZE blog..herewith i enclosed evribadeh with ma beading work wic is rarely can be seen throughout the world..Selamat Datang Ke BEAD D BEADZ OUZE blog...Beat d Beadz from Alynn menawarkan jahitan manik yg jarang dilihat di mana2 butik hasil kerja tangan Alynn seniri..

First and Foremost I would like to introduce everybody with myself..Ma Name iz Nur Izzul Azlynne.Im Originally from Malaysia n wuz born in Farmer Riverside, Kedah Darul Peace yaww...Im currently working as a Malaysia govt servant and i really into beads since last 4 years.

Diz iz how i convince everybody once they handover their kurung to me to sew on beads..

I would have been in had doing this interesting partime job to pleasure my free toime as beading makes my day coloured.

I got my beading certificate from Cikgu Aziz Ariff, attended his class n he is well-known with his lace crumble work sewed on kurung and kaftan.So now..lets get jiggin with BeaDz..

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