Highlighten The Lightening Day

Highlighting baju nikah belong to a friend

A Pic while in the midst of highlighting my E-Day Modern kurung.:D
Two Pics above were taken a few months ago but aint got time to upload..It`s just a very simple highlighting laces  on the satin kurung n organza for the big event aka E-Day (Engagement Day) and a friend`s Nikah Day.I used to do it on my own.Senang.As we know tempahan manik kt luar are so damn expensive of Upah Menjahit sebab sgt memerlukan kepakaran, kreativiti dan kekemasan.Dats so important in menjahit.U've got to really committed and consistent in doing it utk kekemasan sampai rabun2 mata aku n somehow semakin menjuling.Tapi ia sangat la worth it once siap sewing beads n u got the payment.If u dont believe me, try it!! Enjoy!:D

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